Thank you for all of the love and support this little corner of the internet has received over the past several years. As friends and family members were getting married, their weddings fueled the inspiration for this blog. But as seasons of life change, my focus, along with those nearest and dearest, shifted away from the wedding planning stage and I began to neglect this blog.

I have decided to indefinitely retire Calligraphy by Shannon in an effort to pour my attention into my lifestyle blog The Scribble Pad where I will be merging past and future inspiration boards and parties. You will still be able to place orders for calligraphy, custom invitations, and hand stamped items through my etsy shop. And as always, you can stay in touch with me under my moniker, The Scribble Pad on my blog, etsy shop, facebook, and even twitter! I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Tulle and Toile Tuesday Giveaway: Mademoiselle

Today the giveaway (keeping in our Pink October theme) is my absolute favorite nail polish. I literally buy this stuff by the case! Essie Mademoiselle is always perfect! From my wedding day, to special vacations to my at home pedicures, this is the nail polish I turn to again and again. I stock pile it, afraid to ever run out! It is probably one of the best known polish colors from Essie, has won awards, and been mentioned in nearly every bridal magazine I have ever read! This stuff is great and I want to give it to you!

To enter, leave a comment and answer some or all of these questions:
1. Your go to nail color and why?
2. Your go to shoes and why?
3. A hilarious manicure or pedicure story?
- and/or -
4. How did you do your nails (fingers and toes) for your wedding day?

Contest closes at 9pm Thursday!
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Ali said...

It's not really hilarious, but a memorable manicure moment for me was a few months ago -- I was in a nail shop with a friend and in walks a mom, dad and 2 teenage daughters. They all sit down to get their nails and toes done! I thought it was a very cool family outing.

Deanna said...

My go to nail color is pink because it's my favorite color :) and it goes pretty well with everything. My go to shoes are probably flip flops because I usually just wears jeans and a shirt and they go well together. For 3, I've never had a mani or pedi and 4, never been married. I hope I win! <3

Happy Daily said...

Hello! This is a great giveaway because I love Mademoiselle too! Here are my answers: 1) My go to nail color is OPI Sweatheart and for the toes Essie "Wife Goes On". Love it!
2) Sadly, my go to shoes are kind of boring. I wear loafers or car shoes all day long!
3) For my wedding, I did pale pink polish on my hands and bright pink on my toes!

Have a great day!

Pink Maple said...

I have this exact color!

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