Thank you for all of the love and support this little corner of the internet has received over the past several years. As friends and family members were getting married, their weddings fueled the inspiration for this blog. But as seasons of life change, my focus, along with those nearest and dearest, shifted away from the wedding planning stage and I began to neglect this blog.

I have decided to indefinitely retire Calligraphy by Shannon in an effort to pour my attention into my lifestyle blog The Scribble Pad where I will be merging past and future inspiration boards and parties. You will still be able to place orders for calligraphy, custom invitations, and hand stamped items through my etsy shop. And as always, you can stay in touch with me under my moniker, The Scribble Pad on my blog, etsy shop, facebook, and even twitter! I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Make It, FAKE IT, or Buy It: Pottery Barn's Found Oversized Wine Bottles

Hi, Calligraphy by Shannon Blog Readers! I'm Lina, and I'm the co-owner of Square 3 Ventures, a micro-consignment business that focuses on turning one person's trash into another person's treasure. Thanks to Shannon for asking me to guest blog this feature, Make it, Fake It, or Buy It, which fits right in with what S3V does!

For MFB, I will share pretty things from the world wide web that I covet (and usually can't afford) and ways to get them without spending a lot of money. I will detail ways you can make it yourself, fake it with inexpensive materials, or, in a blue moon, buy it at a shop if that makes more sense economically.

First up -- FAKE IT: Pottery Barn's Found Oversized Wine Bottles. As a aficionado of all things glass, when I first saw these bottles, it was a case of love at first sight.

...until I saw the price tag -- $99.00 – $279.00! Goo! I knew I would have to figure out an alternative.

Enter my good friend, Mr. Carlo Rossi.


After using this lovely 4.0L bottle to cook up some delicious sangria, I washed out the the (very) few wine droplets that remained. The trick to removing the label is to soak it in very hot water with dish soap for a few hours. It should then peal off easily. Any residual stickiness can be removed with nail polish remover.

The result? A gorgeous bottle that catches the light beautifully.

You can pair it with 1.5L or 3.0L sized bottles, other items in your collection, rough it up with sandpaper for a more vintage look, or leave it alone. Any combination would make a lovely centerpiece for your table or wedding!

Cost? $9.99 (including the wine)!

What do you think of this centerpiece? Have ideas for this feature? Let us know in the comments section!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very nice i made my Carlo Russi into a vase .. painted the inside a turquoise color added some decorative twigs and it looks awesome.. nice alternative for those big pricey bottles indeed

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