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I have decided to indefinitely retire Calligraphy by Shannon in an effort to pour my attention into my lifestyle blog The Scribble Pad where I will be merging past and future inspiration boards and parties. You will still be able to place orders for calligraphy, custom invitations, and hand stamped items through my etsy shop. And as always, you can stay in touch with me under my moniker, The Scribble Pad on my blog, etsy shop, facebook, and even twitter! I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Earings for Your Wedding Day

A bride goes through the trouble of accounting for every single detail of her wedding and most importantly the way she looks. Of these details, is the selection of her bridal earrings. There are many varieties and designs of bridal earrings available online and in retail stores. Use some of our tips below to help you decide on your bridal earrings.

The first item to consider when selecting your bridal earrings is the details of your bridal gown. Take into consideration the embellishments and design. Does your gown have lace, pearls, rhinestones, crystals, a big bow or colored ribbon? Use these items to help determine the materials that will be included in your earrings. If your gown has lace you may want to consider a more elaborate earring such as a chandelier style earring that carries a pattern. If your bridal gown has pearls or crystals sewn onto it, then select bridal earrings that include these same materials.

The second item to consider when choosing your bridal earrings is the color of your gown. While most gowns are traditionally white or ivory, there are newer versions that are light pink or perhaps have a vividly colored waist, ribbon or design in them. Find materials that coordinate or match perfectly with your gown color selection. For instance, a white gown will not look as pretty with ivory pearls, while white pearls will match perfectly.

Finding a style of earring that matches your wedding look is the final stage in selecting your bridal earrings. If your dress is very simple and you want something more elaborate for your ears, choose a full clustered earring that dangles or an intricate chandelier style earring. If you are looking for a simple look to finish off your accessories, choose a simple drop style earring or a stud earring. This will coordinate your look together in a more subtle and simple manor.

Whatever bridal earrings you decide to wear, pick a pair that makes you feel beautiful. This is supposed to be your most memorable and beautiful day. It is important to finding the final details that best finish your look.

Lastly, when you’ve packed away your tiara, gown and shoes, keep those bridal earrings out. You can wear your bridal jewelry for years to come after the wedding to keep those memories alive.

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