Thank you for all of the love and support this little corner of the internet has received over the past several years. As friends and family members were getting married, their weddings fueled the inspiration for this blog. But as seasons of life change, my focus, along with those nearest and dearest, shifted away from the wedding planning stage and I began to neglect this blog.

I have decided to indefinitely retire Calligraphy by Shannon in an effort to pour my attention into my lifestyle blog The Scribble Pad where I will be merging past and future inspiration boards and parties. You will still be able to place orders for calligraphy, custom invitations, and hand stamped items through my etsy shop. And as always, you can stay in touch with me under my moniker, The Scribble Pad on my blog, etsy shop, facebook, and even twitter! I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Save Money: Wedding Shoes

(Photo coutesy of: Orange Acid)

Each day, news about the economy gets more stressful. The last thing any bride needs is more reason to be stressed! Throughout February I will be featuring tips on how to save money on your big day. Today's topic: Shoes!

Wedding shoes, like everything else in the wedding industry have sky high prices for likely a one time use! Here are some terrific alternatives to shelling out major cash for your feet:

1. Nontraditional:
Wear a pair of bright party shoes that accents the colors in your wedding. I have noticed this trend in the blogging sphere, but typically these bright party shoes are associated with a huge price tag. You don't have to spend hundreds to sparkle! Check out these Jewel Tone Flats from Old Navy, or take a peek at the selection from Macy's.

2. Designer Styles for Less:
Payless is featuring a line by wedding dress designer Lela Rose. Within the collection are a wide variety of shoes that could be just right for you! Also, Target is known for featuring top designers for less, while they don't have a bridal line out know, keep your eyes peeled, one might pop up!

3. Forgo the Footwear:
If you are having a beach wedding opt for bare feet or flip flops! It is the beach, why not? Check out these Embelished Flip Flops from Nordstrom.

4. Wear Your Sneakers: Having a casual affair or a backyard fete, skip the heals and wear skimmers, you feet and wallet with thank you! Check out the Design Studio by Keds and design a pair of slip ons that coordinate with your wedding.

I know some of these ideas you have heard before, while other's push the envelope. Bottom line, your wedding day is your wedding day, and you should do what is best for you and your feet! I wore ivory flats down the aisle, and packed embelished flip flops for my rehersal! It was great to have two options for my feet. When one pair got a bit uncomfotable, I switched them up so I could keep dancing all night!

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Candace said...

Excellent post!! Embelished flip flops from Nordstrom is really a good idea.

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