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I have decided to indefinitely retire Calligraphy by Shannon in an effort to pour my attention into my lifestyle blog The Scribble Pad where I will be merging past and future inspiration boards and parties. You will still be able to place orders for calligraphy, custom invitations, and hand stamped items through my etsy shop. And as always, you can stay in touch with me under my moniker, The Scribble Pad on my blog, etsy shop, facebook, and even twitter! I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Fall Flowers

Here are some of the incredible flowers that are in season {read: less expensive} for the fall season. They come in a variety of colors that can meet your needs if you are planning traditional fall colors, or even if you are using your favorite (not so fall) colors.

Asters – these flowers resemble a daisy , available in: white and pink and other colors

Calla Lily – these are a traditional wedding flower, available in: white, cream, yellow, burgundy, green, bronze

Chrysanthemum – available in: white, yellow, orange, pink, and many other colors, shapes will vary based on variety

Dahlia – available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. This is a beautiful picture but hardly does this flower justice because of the large variety available. I would encourage you to look at more dahlia pictures if you are considering this flower.

Daisy – the gerbera variety is particularly bountiful in the fall, available in a wide range of colors

Gloriosa Lily – available in a striking red. These are a very unique flower and can create a modern elegant arrangement.

Hydrangeas – available in yellow, orange, red, burgundy, and many other colors. These flowers are easy to work with and many florists are familiar with the ins and outs of hydrangeas. These flowers make stunning arrangements on their own and also profile good filler around a focus flower such as sunflowers or lilies.

Marigold – available in: yellow, orange, red. This is a very affordable

Oriental Lily – available in white, cream, yellow, burgundy. One variety is the stargazer which is a mix of pink and magenta with flecks of white and black.

Rose – available in a wide range of colors and can be custom dyed quite easily. Radiant Roses are available in: golden apricot, tomato-red, deep yellow, red-orange, tangerine, dark burgundy, coral-orange, burnt-orange, and chocolate brown looking fabulous in fall bouquets.

Slipper Orchids – available in: brownish red, green, and yellow

Statice – available in a brilliant purple

Sunflower – available in: your garden variety yellow and many warm shades of red and burgundy

Zinnia – available in: red, orange, pink

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Jennifer said...

This is a great post! Buying in season flowers is so much easier on the budget. I love the hydrangeas when grouped together, but sunflowers also look great when there are just a few.

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